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Working with Docker – II

In the previous chapter we learnt how to install Docker Engine and how to make it available for other system users. In this chapter we will learn how to start a simple docker container and we will discuss about few basic docker commands. The commands will be useful in day to day life while working […]
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Working with Docker – I

Before installing Docker we need to understand about containers. What do we mean by containers? What is the difference between containers and VM’s? In simple word they will look similar at first, but there are some important differences, as explained below: VM: To create and run a VMs you required hypervisor. Each VM requires a […]
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How to work with Chef using Oracle VirtualBox and Vagrant on a Windows host – Part II

In the previous series of this article i.e. Part I, we learned how to install Oracle VirtualBox, Vagrant, Chef Development Kit on Windows machine. We have downloaded Chef Repo and configured Knife to manage our Chef cookbooks. We learned how to create cookbooks using knife command. Now we will start developing of our Chef Cookbook […]
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How to work with Chef using Oracle VirtualBox and Vagrant on a Windows host – Part I

As we know Chef  is a system and cloud infrastructure automation framework that makes it easy to deploy servers and applications to any physical, virtual, or cloud location, no matter the size of the infrastructure. Cookbooks (and recipes) are used to tell the chef-client how each node in your organization should be configured. The chef-client […]
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How to Install and configure Jenkins on CentOS 6.4 – Part IV

Welcome back to our “How to Install and configure Jenkins on CentOS 6.4” series. In this series of articles I am trying to make an user understand about the usage of Jenkins step by step. Don’t forgot to add comments if you found any error or mistakes in the articles. Also please mention if you […]
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