How to disable public access to a website during maintanace mode

There are times when you want to make changes to your website and you do not want your visitors to see the site before you have finished deploying and testing the website. But your Developers and QA’s might need to visit the website before it goes live. So, in this article I will show you […]
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How to reload new configuration without restarting the Apache

After modifying the configuration files we need to restart the apache to run with the new configuration. I will explain you in this tutorial about how to reload the new configuration files without restarting the apache webserver. Below option are available with Apache V1.x and V2.x to start, restart, reload and stop.

When you […]
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Installing Nginx With PHP5 (And PHP-FPM) On CentOS 6.0 to run a CakePhp application.

First update your machine.

Install all development tools

Install MySQL

To install Php

Install some dependency applications for nginx

Download ngnix for installation

When the configuration process completes successfully, you will see the following output:

Issue more two commands to complete nginx setup.

Create an user named […]
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Steps to Configure Wildcard subdomain

To configure wildcard sub-domain You need full access to your Domain Control Manager and Full control on your Web Server. Step-1: Login to your domain control panel Add A record to your domain *-ipaddress of your web-server Step-2: On the application Server You need to configure the wild card sub-domain on Apache virtual host configuration. […]
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