Backup System using Rsnapshot on Ubuntu 12.04

Rsnapshot makes a “full backup” and uses this rsync and hard links . This ensures that (for rsync), the changes are transferred and the Hard links allow a space-saving multi-step backup. The file system on the backup disk must of course allow hard links. Backups of remote hosts using “rsync over ssh “or rsync server […]
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How to create a Backup System using scp and rsync.

Backup is a most important job for a Linux Server Admin. Everyday we have to backup our application and database from remote server. In this article I will provide a basic way to keep backup of your application and database.   System Information:

Full Backup: For taking full backup we need to follow some […]
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How to monitor Directories for any changes and take some action after the change

Do you want to replicate your file system after any changes occurred? There is an application named .incron. for this type of work. The incrond (inotify cron daemon) is a daemon which monitors filesystem events (such as add a new file, delete a file and so on) and executes commands or shell scripts. It.s use […]
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