MySQL replication status notification

Using the below simple bash script you can get an alert message from the replication server if replication is down or not working.

Setup this script in conrtab of Master server

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How to configure MySQL Failover using a bash script

The quick and easy solution for MySQL failover is Master Slave Replication.But in reality it needs some support for failover. Because if you are using Master Slave Replication for your application and suddenly the Master Node dies, then how your application will know about this? You have to change the database configuration file again to […]
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Steps to configure MySQL Master Slave Replication

Setup Master Configuration File:- Step-1:- Opne my.cnf file

comment lines like below

Step-2:- We have to tell MySQL for which database it should write logs (these logs are used by the slave to see what has changed on the master) Add these lines to my.cnf

Step-3:- Then we have to restart the […]
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How to configure MySQL 5.5 Server as Replication Slave:

I had some trouble configuring a MySQL 5.5 Server as Replication Slave. MySQL did not not start after I wrote master host details in my.cnf of slave node. Got following error.

Goggled and found that Replication Master data cannot be set in slave my.cnf for MySQL 5.5 Server, though the my.cnf sample files still […]
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