Script to backup MySQL databases

Sometimes we need a automated system which will make the backup of our database server. But some of the Databases are unnecessary for us to make those backup. This script will help you to make backup of your database but you can exclude the database you don’t want to backup.

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How to configure MySQL Failover using a bash script

The quick and easy solution for MySQL failover is Master Slave Replication.But in reality it needs some support for failover. Because if you are using Master Slave Replication for your application and suddenly the Master Node dies, then how your application will know about this? You have to change the database configuration file again to […]
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Bash script execution error : /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: no such file or directory

If you are getting error message while running a bash script like mentioned below:

Then follow below steps to rectify it.

or Install a packege – dos2unix

Then issue a comand

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