How to find Sessions generating high redo/archives in Oracle

Sometimes, database generates lot more archives than the normal. In this article I will show you how to find them. Below are the queries to drill down to the root cause and fix the issue.

If there is a drastic change in redo/archive generation run below queries.. Get the segment that experienced the most […]
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Which Oracle index is a good candidate for a rebuild

This script determines whether an index is a good candidate for a rebuild or for a bitmap index. All indexes for a given schema or for a subset of schema’s are analyzed (except indexes under SYS and SYSTEM) . Instructions Execution Environment:

Access Privileges: Requires DBA privileges in order to be executed. Usage:

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How to Install and configure MongoDB securely on Ubuntu 12.04

To install mongodb on Ubuntu we can use a shell script which will help you to reduce key stokes. Create a script file named “”

Add the below lines to the file.

Set appropriate permisssion to the file.

Then run the sctipt

If there no errot then you will get the […]
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Script to backup MySQL databases

Sometimes we need a automated system which will make the backup of our database server. But some of the Databases are unnecessary for us to make those backup. This script will help you to make backup of your database but you can exclude the database you don’t want to backup.

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Basic MySQL commands

Here I will describe some basic commands of MySQL. After login to the server console by SSH you can issue the below commands. Loing to MySQL

List all MySQL databases on the system.

Change to some database when you first connect to MySQL.

List all tables from the current database or from […]
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