How to install and configure an Open-VPN with NAT server inside AWS VPC

We are using AWS VPC to create an logically Isolated area for our servers. We have complete control on the networking for our AWS VPC. We can customize our networking like public facing subnet and private-facing subnets. We can put our webservers in the public-facing subnets that has internet access and all other backend servers […]
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How to relay email to different mail server using Postfix On AWS EC2 instance.

By default Amazon limits the amount of email you can send from an instance. You can ask AWS to remove that limitation using this page. This form also allows you to set up the reverse DNS. If your application have a functionality to send emails then you will be in trouble if you chose AWS […]
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How to resolve SSH warning during connecting to AWS instance

In this tutorial I will explain you about how to connect to an AWS instance using a private key form your Linux machine. During SSH you might got the below type of SSH warning.

To resolve this type of issue you need to set 400 permision on the private key. Type the below command […]
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