How to add/ configure a Domain in AWS Route 53

Route53-logoRout 53 – From the documentation of Route 53 :

Route 53 is a scalable Domain Name System (DNS) web service. It provides secure and reliable routing to your infrastructure that uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) products, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Elastic Load Balancing, or Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). You can also use Route 53 to route users to your infrastructure outside of AWS. Route 53 is an authoritative DNS service, meaning it translates friendly domains names like into IP addresses like Route 53 responds to DNS queries using a global network of authoritative DNS servers, which reduces latency.

Hosted Zones – From the documentation of Route 53 :

A hosted zone is a collection of resource record sets hosted by Route 53. Like a traditional DNS zone file, a hosted zone represents a collection of resource record sets that are managed together under a single domain name. Each hosted zone has its own metadata and configuration information. The resource record sets contained in a hosted zone must share the same suffix. For example, the hosted zone can contain resource record sets for and subdomains, but cannot contain resource record sets for a subdomain.

In this article I will show you how to configure a Domain in Route 53. To add a Hosted Zone or Domain log in to Route 53 service and follow the below steps:

Step 1: Create Hosted Zone

  1. Click on “Create Hosted Zone”
  2. Write you domain name. For me it’s “”
  3. Put a comment for the domain
  4. Click on “Create Hosted Zone”
  5. Now you will find a row like the below image.

Create-Hosted-Zone-1Step 2: Add the Name Servers to your DNS

After adding a Hosted Zone in Route 53 you will get 4 Name Servers as “Delegation Set” (As shown in below image). Edit your DNS name server and put these values in it.


Step 3: Add Record Set to Hosted Zone

Now we will add a DNS record to our Hosted Zone.

  1. Click on “Create Record Set”
  2. Write your Sub-Domain name what you want to add to your DNS
  3. Chose the Type
  4. Put the instance IP where your website is configured
  5. Click on “Create Record Set”
  6. Now you will get a new row shown as below image

Create-Hosted-Zone-3That’s it. Now you can access the DNS which is pointed to a server having IP address

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  1. Thanks I find aws hard to configure. Their interface is very confusing. I have been struggling with domain configuration aws route 53. Your tutorial saved countless hours of my time.

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