Which Oracle index is a good candidate for a rebuild

oracle-logoThis script determines whether an index is a good candidate for a rebuild or for a bitmap index. All indexes for a given schema or for a subset of schema’s are analyzed (except indexes under SYS and SYSTEM)

Execution Environment:

Access Privileges:

Requires DBA privileges in order to be executed.



Copy the script into the file ind_analyze.sql. Execute the script from SQL*Plus connected with a user with DBA privileges. The script requires to parameters:

  1. Name of the output file where the report will be generated
  2. Name of the SCHEMA to be analyzed.

Sample Output

Rebuild the index when:

  • Deleted entries represent 20% or more of the current entries.
  • The index depth is more then 4 levels.

Possible candidate for bitmap index:

  • When distinctiveness is more than 99%


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