How to setup AWS credentials

aws-logoAWS has various command line tool sets for different purpose. By using these tools we can manage our AWS services. In this article I will show you how to setup the AWS credentials and configure the environment to use the tools for various purpose.

You should have JAVA installed on the machine from which you want to use the api tools. Also you need to download AWS X.509 certificate and private key and AWS access key id and secret access key before starting the configuration. So after installing JAVA login to your AWS account and get them.

Install JAVA on the machine:

Now we are ready to setup the credentials. Your certificate should look like this:

And your private key file should look like this:

Create a folder and place these files.

Now we will download ec2-api-tools and configure it to test our environment.

You sholud have the Keys like this:

Now we will set up the credentils.

Now we need to load the modified .bashrc file

Well now we will test our configuration by issuing the below command:

Output should look like this:

Have fun… now you can download and configure the other api tools. In my next post I will provide the links to download the api tools. Don’t forget to like the post if you found it needful for you.

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