Why should I go with Linux?

Open Source: First thing is that, Linux is opensource. The source code is also available for any kind of modification. You can modify it as per your requirement or to improve the performance.

Multitasking: Linux supports multitasking. You can run multiple applications at the same time.

Stability: If you have Linux then it doesn’t need to be rebooted the servers periodically to maintain their performance levels. It will run until any hardware fails if you have configured it properly or until you shut it down.


Performance: Linux can handle a large numbers of users and concurrent connections. It provides high performance on servers and networks.

Security and Networking: It is one of the most secure operating system. We can configure firewalls to restrict unwanted access to the Linux based servers. It has less security holes than other. Regularly updates are available for security. We can customize the Linux networking as our need.

Flexibility: There are tons of opensource application available for Linux with their source code. We can modify the application as our need instated of making a new. By this way we can save time.

Support: You can get a number of community for Linux. It is also supported by commercial consultants.

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  1. Yes, we should use Linux/Open source OS. The above stated points are valuable to determine whether to migrate the IT platform to open source or not. But still waiting for my required post. Hope soon it will be posted… 😉

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