How to monitor System Logs with Logwatch on CentOS

Logwatch is a powerful and versatile log parser and analyzer. Logwatch is designed to give a unified report of all activity on a server, which can be delivered through the command line or email.

Before installing Logwatch we need to update system packages.

Install Logwatch:

Logwatch requires a mail transport agent (MTA) to send its reports.

How to configure Logwatch:

After installing logwatch we need to edit the configuration file to add the email address to which logwatch will send the reports.

Edit the file “/usr/share/logwatch/default.conf/logwatch.conf” and modify the below lines:

Issue the command to test the installation:

Automating Logwatch:
Now we will add the logwatch to cron to send the report at a perticualr time.

Finally we will get an email from the logwatch at 11:59 PM everyday.

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