How to install and configure ownCloud 5 on Ubuntu

owncloud-logoownCloud is an open source Data Storage solution similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. We can install it on our own infrastructure and we have full control on it. To install ownCloud on Ubuntu we need to install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) on it.

How to install LAMP on Ubuntu:

We will update the machine before installing LAMP on it.

Now we will install some additional libraries for ownCloud

We have to enable mod_rewrite and mod_headers for Apache2.

We have to modify the Aapche2 configuration for rewrite rule work properly.

Modify the below line under

After installing all the required applications for ownCloud now we will create database for it.

N.B: Please change the db name, username, and password as your requirement.
Finaly we are ready to install ownCloud
Download and install ownCloud

We are done from server side now browse the application with browser.
e.g: (Change your IP or hostname instead of
Enter required data like Administrator information and database information which we created before. Login with your credential and have fun with your own data storage.

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