Basic MySQL commands

MySQL-LogoHere I will describe some basic commands of MySQL. After login to the server console by SSH you can issue the below commands.

  • Loing to MySQL

  • List all MySQL databases on the system.

  • Change to some database when you first connect to MySQL.

  • List all tables from the current database or from the database given in the command.

  • Give a list of all columns (fields) from the given table, along with column type and other info.

  • List all indexes from this tables.

  • Table Commands

Creates a table with columns as indicated in the create clauses.

  • Remove the table from the database. Permanently! So be careful with this command!

  • Create a user without any privileges:

  • Delete a user:

  • View users:

  • Grants a user ALL privileges on ALL databases:

  • Give a user the privilege to grant other users access.

  • Give access to only one database called .example.?

  • Grant access ONLY to a table called .table1. in database .example”?

  • Allows the user to set his/her own password.

  • Flush All the MySQL Privileges (done after any modifications typically)

  • Exit the Interpreter

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