How to mount Rackspace Cloudfiles in Ubunut using Cloudfuse

Compiling and installing CloudFuse:

First, download the CloudFuse pre from cloudfuse-0.1.tar.gz. This tar.gz file has been uploaded and is maintained on github. It is shared here, and has been tested so that all the following steps will work fine. New pre changes in the repository can cause compile-time errors. So, download the pre from the above link. Extract the file, and then compile the software.

Once you have extracted the .tar.gz file, you should have following files under the cloudfuse-0.1 directory.

Now it is time to compile CloudFuse and install it. You will need the following utilities and their dev packages installed in order to build it: libcurl, libfuse, and libxml2

CloudFuse is built and installed like any other autoconf-configured pre. Normally:

But, first you need to install the required packages, otherwise the ./configure command will fail and generate errors.

Now run the following command in the cloudfuse-0.1 source pre directory

If everything went fine, you should now have CloudFuse installed properly. Confirm this by running the which command. It should show the location of the CloudFuse binary file.

Mounting Cloud Files:Now let.s use CloudFuse to mount our Cloud Files.

You’ll have to create a configuration file for CloudFuse in your home directory and put your Rackspace Cloud Files username and API key in it, as shown below:

Auth URLs:US Cloud Files account:

UK Cloud Files account:

The following entries are optional. You can define these values in the .cloudfuse file.

After creating the above configuration file, run the cloudfuse command as follows. The syntax should be as simple as:

So, you should be able to mount Cloud Files like this

If you run the # ls -la command inside the /cloudfiles directory you should see your Cloud Files containers.

If you are not logged in as the user root on the system, then your username will need to be part of the “fuse” group. This can be accomplished with the following command:

If you are unable to see any containers inside the mountpoint, then one or more of the above steps didn’t work properly. You will need to repeat the process, and verify that all of the above steps were followed precisely.

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